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We have been using the Obesomatic in our Centres of Excellence-Laparo-Obeso Center for Training and also at Ruby Hall. I recently operated a 297 kgs patient on Magnatek's OBESOMATIC Table with great convenience & peace of mind. The Obesomatic is an excellent table for all bariatric surgeries!

- Dr. Shashank Shah
Bariatric Surgeon, Laparo Obeso Centre & Ruby Hall, Pune (Centres of Excellence)

We have been using Magnatek's Olympian 9000 Fluroscopy table at our ERCP department quite extensively since the day our institute begun in January 2004. The table is very comfortable to use for all our procedures with all special features.

- Dr. D. Nageshwar Reddy
Gastroenterologist, Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad

I have been operating on Magnatek's Olympian 2000 Table since the last 10 years, and have selected this table for all the centers where I have been operating . It is a Specialized table for all Orthopaedic procedures including Spine & Joint replacements. The table is exceptionally stable & wobble free with the 4 pillar design, large central opening for imaging the spine, and gives a clear hip lateral view. The table also has an exccellent range of attachments that help make surgeries more convenient & time saving.

- Dr. Gurava Reddy
Joint Replacement Specialist, Sunshine Hospital, Hyderabad

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