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Through its comprehensive services in Medicare, the Magnatek group covers all the requirements of today's growth-oriented companies. Its focus towards innovation, customer-centric approach and dedication to qualitative productivity and technological solutions have catapulted Magnatek group of companies into one of the most reputed names in India.

Magnatek is focused on enhancing the potential of Operation theatre tables, Operation theatre lights & Pendants. What's more, a dedicated unit provides Pre & Post sales services as well.

From results-oriented dynamic sales generating, execution of projects-tenders timely and so on – the Medical arm of Magnatek group evolves its offerings while keeping pace with emerging requirements and new tools. A talented team of professionals strengthens its efforts.

At Magnatek, we envision an environment whereby we are capable of effectively utilizing people, resources and technology so that this combination effectually assists our clients in reaching the pinnacle of success.

A total solution provider of quality commercial OR/ Imaging tables & related equipment/accessories with emphasis on care, perfection and innovation to achieve better Medicare.

Aims to achieve the universal Manufacturing Practices and ensure affordable, acceptable and accessible health care manufacturing to the utmost satisfaction of Customers. We serve by ensuring Integrity and excellence in all its activities. We commit to comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and other policies of public sector.

We take pride in our on time delivery and ability to meet quick turn around requests while exceeding customer quality demands. Customer Satisfaction continues to be of utmost importance to Magnatek, as do Consistent quality, Constant innovation, Technology enhancement, Process improvement and Customer orientation. We have developed our core competence and aligning objectives at all levels so as to realize synergy in operations.

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