Ophthalmology Operating Table manufactured by Magnatek is special design for ophthalmology operation and surgical procedures according to hospital clinical demands. The Ophthalmology OT Table can be lowered to a very low height from floor which is very for ophthalmic surgeons or eye doctor to operate while sitting. The OT table for Opthalmology table can be equipped with additional attachments like hand rest for decreasing physical fatigue on eye surgeon. Magnatek OT table for Ophthalmology is an ideal equipment of ophthalmology operating rooms.

We have following models of Ophthalmology Operation Theater tables:

  • Extra low height : Generally all the O T tables start at a height of 32" but our Magnatek Tables starts with a low height of 21"
  • Table top slide: A very convenient feature offering very large imaging area during spine surgeries & makes repositioning the patient also very convenient.
  • Dual Control Console: Apart from the Remote control we can also operate all the controls through another parallel console on the table in case of emergencies
  • Horseshoe head rest on ball joint for high flexibility
  • Surgeons arm rests with adjustable height for comfort
  • Zero Auto Leveling
  • Non-Hydraulic leak proof construction
  • Affordable Indian prices.
  • Future upgradability.
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