The right table for the right surgical operation is what Magnatek specializes in. These ultra-essential tables for Gynaecology / OB / Delivery / IVF and such quintessential medical procedures require to be at a carefully programmed low height for ease of surgery. Preventing the need for surgeons to stand on stools during surgeries, which oddly most industry manufactured tables necessitate, Magnatek creates operation tables starting from a height of just 500 mm which are very ergonomic for the users with comfort and convenience as the right aspects to it.


Magnatek’s Multistar 4S gives the surgical team the flexibility, control and convenience they need for day to day handling of patient procedures.

Magnum Multistar 4S Surgery OT Table:


  • Extra low height of 28"compared to standard height of 32"
  • Smooth Table Ttop slide helps in easy patient positioning.
  • Zero Auto Leveling
  • Dual Control Console
  • Specialized attachments for easy Gynaec Surgeries.
  • Patient Sit up position
  • Affordable Indian prices.


The Magnum Multistar 3S is a robust operation table built to give a surgical team the requisite comfort through its flexibility, control and convenience during any procedure, making it ergonomically superior.


  • Extra lower height of 27" compared to standard height of 32”
  • Smooth Table Top slide to help easy patient positioning.
  • Zero Auto Leveling
  • Dual Control Console
  • Specialized attachments for easy Gynaec Surgery procedures
  • Affordable prices
Magnum Multistar 3S


Magnatek’sMagnastar 3S Operation Theater Table is the ideal surgical table programmed for aiding and easing down Gynaec procedures.


  • Manufactured with specialized attachments for easing down complex Gynaec procedures
  • Affordable prices.
Magnastar 3S


Magnatek’s Multistar 8000 OT Surgical Table is a creatively designed piece of art for medicine. A mobile electro hydraulic operation table, the Multistar 8000 showcases world class features and automation to make complex surgeries easier and precision based, effectively saving time and offering a high degree of convenience.

Multistar 8000 Surgery OT Table:

  • Extra lower height of from 29.5” up to 45”
  • Patient Load Capacity of 200kgs.
  • Specialized attachments for easy Gynaec Surgery procedures
  • Zero Auto Leveling.
  • Dual Control Console.
  • Table Top slide with remote control.
  • Electro HydraulicOperation Table.
Multistar 8000

Special Accessories

German Telescopic Lithotomy Stirrup
Magna Fins
Drain Tray
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